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Con Radio Airplay ricevi rapporti costantemente aggiornati sui tuoi fan
Vi diremo quando la musica viene trasmessa e a chi. Riceverete anche informazioni particolari sul modo in cui la vostra musica viene valutata dagli ascoltatori.
Quale delle tue canzoni hanno il maggiore potenziale? Sei più popolare in America, in Europa o in Asia? Avrai le risposte a queste ed altre domande con Radio Airplay.
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I più popolari artisti indipendenti attualmente
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
The Airborne Toxic Event, The Black Keys ed altri!
27,096 plays  506 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Devendra Banhart, Hank Williams ed altri!
25,626 plays  346 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
The Magic Numbers, Buffalo Springfield ed altri!
26,780 plays  768 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard ed altri!
6,310 plays  230 fans
Gli artisti su Radio Airplay
“I have a new fan base that is building each week. It gives me pleasure and confidence to carry on writing.”
— Shaun Paigan City Lights & Flashbacks (Since October, 2012)
“Radio Airplay has become a staple in our marketing plans and have enjoyed a steady list of new fans in a very short time. This is the first time we've actually seen results and made new fans; not "likes" on Facebook, which are fine, but really do not add up to much. On Radio Airplay, the fans are real fans, providing their email and means of growing the fan/artist relationship.”
— Wild Pack (Since April, 2015)
“Wow, Radio Airplay has literally boosted my confidence as an artist. Each time I log on to check the activity on my page and see how many people are actually listening, I always end up jumping for joy. Radio Airplay has enabled me to reach listeners ALL OVER THE WORLD. To me, being heard in Israel is mind blowing and would not have been possible without this service.”
— PeaceGod (Since March, 2016)
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“Bands don’t break out without some sort of promotion, whether that is paid for by their labels, or earned through new kinds of algorithmic and social promotion we are seeing with online music services.”
“If a band's fans say they remind them of U2; then that band can now target airplay to U2 fans only.”
“It is a service that delivers everything it promises.”
“Radioairplay.com has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes Radioairplay.com a friend to the musician community.”
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