Target di Ascolto
Diffondi la tua musica tra i fan che hanno più probabilità di apprezzarla
Scegli artisti popolari e generi che si adattano al tuo stile - Radio Airplay riprodurrà la tua musica ad ascoltatori che sono già appassionati di artisti simili.
Si può anche optare per il targeting premium, che consente di raggiungere un target demografico più specifico a tua scelta.
Target gli ascoltatori in base a artisti, genere e location
Target di Ascolto
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I più popolari artisti indipendenti attualmente
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Arcade Fire, Muse ed altri!
16,775 plays  618 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Pussycat Dolls, Lady GaGa ed altri!
1,270 plays  51 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
The White Stripes, Joe Bonamassa ed altri!
2,178 plays  62 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Misty Edwards, Leigh Nash ed altri!
24,170 plays  776 fans
Gli artisti su Radio Airplay
“Before Radio Airplay, I really didn't have any indication as to where I stand with how people would receive my music. I am really touched and amazed. I have listeners from many many different country's all around the world and it is so awesome!”
— Pearl Jackson (Since January, 2013)
“Radio Airplay provides me a terrific platform to promote my music and share updates with fans. Seven of my songs have achieved full popularity on iTunes and a big contributor to that success are the fans and listeners of Radio Airplay. It's a worthy investment on my part and after now receiving weekly Popscores it's terrific to see the numbers climbing.”
— JVigil (Since April, 2012)
“Radio Airplay fits perfectly into my promotional plans for generating internet/social media buzz. With limited outlets in Chicago for independent artists in the music industry, Radio Airplay is a great option that allows fans to get to know my music and who I am at the click of a button.”
— Honey Padre (Since October, 2015)
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Blogs su Radio Airplay
“Bands don’t break out without some sort of promotion, whether that is paid for by their labels, or earned through new kinds of algorithmic and social promotion we are seeing with online music services.”
“If a band's fans say they remind them of U2; then that band can now target airplay to U2 fans only.”
“It is a service that delivers everything it promises.”
“ has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes a friend to the musician community.”
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