Come Funziona Airplay
1. Metti la tua musica online e fai colpo sul pubblico mirato How airplay works icon notes 200x50
Inizia caricando i brani e le immagini. Poi scegli gli artisti popolari la cui musica è più vicina al tuo genere musicale.
2. Diffondi la tua musica su radio Internet per raggiungere più fan How airplay works icon fans 200x50
La tua musica suonerà nelle stazioni degli artisti popolari che avrai scelto. Questo è il modo migliore per coinvolgere gli ascoltatori giusti e convertirli in fedeli fan.
3. Ottieni report e statistiche sui tuoi nuovi fan How airplay works icon report 202x50
Ricava rapporti dettagliati sui tuoi nuovi fan, e usufruisci dei migliori strumenti per conoscere meglio il tuo pubblico.
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I più popolari artisti indipendenti attualmente
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Bob Marley, Jack Johnson ed altri!
48,872 plays  660 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
The White Stripes, The Jimi Hendrix Experience ed altri!
70,870 plays  744 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Lorde, Cirrus ed altri!
15,290 plays  227 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Woe, Is Me ed altri!
7,236 plays  191 fans
Gli artisti su Radio Airplay
“We have generated excellent results from Radio Airplay services. Gaining many, many fans we are able to send message directly to them about new video releases and new song releases. It's really been fantastic.”
— Sentinel (Since August, 2009)
“Radio Airplay has become an integral part of our promotional campaign. We've seen great results with fans from all over the world. Promoting on Radio Airplay has increased sales and airplay on other internet sites.”
— Jon Fiore (Since January, 2013)
“I use Radio Airplay exclusively as the ultimate tool to reach and connect with current and future fans WORLDWIDE! There is no other service I'm aware of that offers so much opportunity to an independent artist like me.”
— Zachary James (Since January, 2016)
More Testimonials on Radio Airplay
Blogs su Radio Airplay
“Bands don’t break out without some sort of promotion, whether that is paid for by their labels, or earned through new kinds of algorithmic and social promotion we are seeing with online music services.”
“If a band's fans say they remind them of U2; then that band can now target airplay to U2 fans only.”
“It is a service that delivers everything it promises.”
“ has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes a friend to the musician community.”
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