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Ogni settimana, Radio Airplay fornisce oltre 100.000 bonus Airplay ad artisti in base al loro ranking Airplay PopScore
PopScore misura come la musica viene valutata dagli ascoltatori. Artisti con un alto PopScore ottengono opportunità per sincronizzare licenze e la presentazione alle etichette.
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I più popolari artisti indipendenti attualmente
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Band Of Skulls, The Black Keys ed altri!
2,178 plays  62 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Misty Edwards, Leigh Nash ed altri!
24,170 plays  776 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
James Taylor, Eagles ed altri!
90,857 plays  1,630 fans
Diffondendo la loro musica ai fans di:
Simon & Garfunkel, Fleet Foxes ed altri!
26,780 plays  768 fans
Gli artisti su Radio Airplay
“My music has been heard all over. Radio Airplay has done what music is supposed to...Reach the hearts and ears of listeners all over the world.”
— Stan Barnes (Since January, 2010)
“Radio Airplay is where we get most of our fans. It is so beneficial to be able to know who became a fan, and what song of ours they were listening to when they became one. The PopScores are very helpful too, because it encourages us to play our best songs when we play out.”
— Robin Roberts & Billie Preston (Since May, 2010)
“An excellent way to put your music right along side of big names, within your specific genre. I have found many fans through this service who will eventually introduce my music to others in turn. Thanks to Radio Airplay for a novel idea and for helping new artists and bands.”
— David Clerest Project (DCP) (Since October, 2011)
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Blogs su Radio Airplay
“Bands don’t break out without some sort of promotion, whether that is paid for by their labels, or earned through new kinds of algorithmic and social promotion we are seeing with online music services.”
“If a band's fans say they remind them of U2; then that band can now target airplay to U2 fans only.”
“It is a service that delivers everything it promises.”
“ has helped thousands of artists sell their music directly to music fans who would otherwise have no way of hearing them which makes a friend to the musician community.”
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